Welcome to Quinton-High!


Winter break is over, and the New Year has arrived in full swing. The students are less than enthused to be returning to class, per usual. But what they’re deathly unaware of- is the fact a slew of new ‘transfers’ are arriving back with them.

…A very odd slew, that is.

 The student’s know something’s not quite right. All of the new recruits are weird as all fucking get out. Some are deathly pale, nearly stoic. Some are just plain creepy, lurking around the back of the classes- never truly interacting with anyone. A few of the girls are whispering that it’s some weird occult, while a few of the students think they just dumped off some random freak-show kids.

 But really? They’re all wrong. What a certain group of students have failed to realize? Is that they’re being protected. Watched, surveyed from a closer vantage point. That they’ve been in the same game as these ‘freaks’ since birth.

..Minus the fact their lives were spared.

 A certain group, let’s call them.. the ‘black sheep’- were meant to have the same fate as these humans-turned-monsters. The same fate of catching a waft of sinfully tempting blood on a windy day. Instead of being turned, bitten- or marked? Their parents put them into a witness protection program. None of these students realize how special they are. How much danger they’re living in day-to-day.

These students were assigned guardians of the other-worldly kind. All of which, have now infiltrated Quinton-high. A war is brewing just below the surface. The leaders of the living dead, the creatures of the night- are coming to claim what was rightfully theirs all along.

 All of the kids you see here? Were given away at birth. Adopted- renamed. Their parent’s are all creatures by now, having known their fate after their children were conceived. It’s a curse to be a vampire. A no-good blood sucker.

And their parents knew this. They didn’t want their offspring to be soulless.To be jaded, harmed.

So they did the only thing they could.

They gave them up to other families and caretakers, accepting their fate willingly. None of these poor kids are aware that they’ve never met their real parents. That they aren’t leading a normal life in the slightest.

The guardians of these high-schooler’s better act as casual as possible, or else the whole cover could be blown. It only takes one nicked finger. One fit of rage to set any of them off at random. Fingers crossed that monsters can pass as actors, too. Fingers crossed.