Gotta apologize for how MIA I’ve been. Some ~shit~ went down and I haven’t had the drive to get on tumblr much other than my personal blog. I am sorry, lovelies, but I am here now!

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Anonymous whispered: We have another ooc chat?? We could help you guys plot!

Yikes, I dunno if that’ll happen right at the moment. There’s barely anyone on (that I can see), and. Hm. Depends how many people would be up for it. We could always use a few extra thoughts when it comes to plotting/pre-planning. :*

So, if not today? Sometime in the near future. ~


Anonymous whispered: Been creeping your rp for ages waiting for an admin. FC requests ---- Oliver Sykes, Ben Bruce, Ronnie Radke, Matt Shadows, Brian Haner, Stephen Gomez. Bad guys. :D

I’m sorry, sweetums. :c

All written down on the list! We should have a few posted up by sometime today. x

Everyone please unfollow Gatsby Brandt.

Due to a prolonged period of inactivity, this role is now reopened. Sorry. :c

Anonymous whispered: just a question or two about the plot. You have characters that are listed as hunters. What exactly are they hunting? Other vampires? also, in the plot it mentions that the humans were saved and are being protected from something. what exactly is it that they are being protected from? is THAT what the hunters are hunting? sorry, i'm just a little confused. ^-^

 They aren’t hunting the other vampires, no. But more so.. battling it out? The protectors are guarding what they want to get to. (The humans)

So they’d view the protectors as expendables, wouldn’t have a problem ending any of them off. Once we get a few hunters on board within the group, the extended parts of the plot will be posted. There’s a plan, don’t you worry. We just need the bad guys to put it into motion, first. c:

Anonymous whispered: Sorry, New to Roleplaying.. Aha.. What exactly is a para..?

 All para stands for is ‘paragraph’. So basically, you’ll be writing a paragraph, if you were to join, in third person format. This is how the characters within the game hang out, go places together, etc.

If you need an example, shoot us a message off anon. We’ll get one to you in no time. :)

Ethan Quick:

Welcome to life on the murder scene, Ethan.. Things may get a bit rocky from here on out. (Please have your account sent in by the 24 hour mark, babe.)

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Hey guys!

So it has been obviously apparent that a few things have gotten in the way of roleplaying for some of our members, as well as our staff! 

We want to know what you’d like to see to boost activity and interest. More characters? A plot twist? A school event?

We’re all ears!

I know I’ve been crazy busy because of school, so I hope everyone is hangin’ in there to get through midterms!

Let us know what your ideas are!